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3 ADO 27 14 8 5 50
4 DOR 27 12 10 5 46
5 GRA 27 14 4 9 46
6 GRO 26 13 6 7 45
7 NAC 27 11 7 9 40
8 CAM 27 11 6 10 39
9 JAZ 27 11 6 10 39
10 VVV 27 10 8 9 38
11 MVV 27 10 7 10 37
12 EMM 26 10 6 10 36
13 HEL 27 9 7 11 34
14 EIN 27 7 12 8 33
15 JAJ 27 7 9 11 30
16 JPS 27 6 7 14 25
17 TEL 27 6 5 16 23
18 JUT 27 5 8 14 23
19 TOP 27 7 2 18 23
20 DBO 27 4 8 15 20
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Datum plaatsing: 10-05-2011 08:34:00

Jordy Brouwer: 'Liverpool zit nog steeds in mijn hart'

Neil McClimon, een Engelse fotograaf van (nieuws voor expats verblijvend in Den Haag), stuurde ons een link naar het interview dat hij hield met Jordy Brouwer voor Hieronder de tekst van het interview.

On the Friday morning before ADO’s final home game with FC Groningen, which they lost, TheHagueOnLine's ADO reporter Neal McClimon was given access to their final training session of the week and the opportunity to interview Jordy Brouwer, thanks to ADO’s press officer Nathalie Nuiten.


Twenty-three-year-old Jordy, a local lad from The Hague, has been at ADO since January after leaving Liverpool FC having been there for four years.


I asked him how he felt about leaving Liverpool just before the new Kenny Dalglish revolution at the club. He was very philosophical about this, saying that after four years at Liverpool he was unable to break into the first team and needed to think of his own playing career and needed first team football. So when ADO put in an offer he jumped at the chance.


I asked him about how he found the atmosphere within the ADO stadium compared to Liverpool’s Anfield ground and the famous Kop stand. He admitted loving Anfield and its supporters. He stated that on the big European nights it is a place that cannot be beaten anywhere. Comparing that to ADO, he said that the crowd is smaller, yet the atmosphere that they create is amazing and the players love playing in front of them.


I then asked how it felt to score his first goal for ADO, which was ADO’s fifth goal against N.E.C. Nijmegen. His face lit up saying it felt great, a relief to get a goal for his new club, the club he grew up with. He reflected that is was a very special moment for him and one he will not forget.


I then asked him about the next season. He knows he must work hard to get a regular team place in the stating line up. There are rumours of several players being moved in and out of ADO during the close season, so he is under no illusions that a first team place is a simple target for him. He says ADO are getting better, so will attract better players, which is both good for the club and for improving the players within as they will all have to battle for their places.


I then mentioned that if ADO manage to qualify for the Europa League qualifying stages (they could, if Liverpool make a similar position in England meet), what that would mean to him. His face totally lit up again saying that for him, it would be a dream come true. To go back to Anfield, where he still has many friends would be fantastic and of course to bring Liverpool back to the Kyocera stadium would be massive for The Hague club.


Finally, I asked him about his future. As it stands, he says he hopes to stay here, get regular first team football and do well for ADO. I asked him the question that all players are asked: what would be your dream move? I mentioned the obvious like Barcelona and AC Milan etc. He laughed and answered that Liverpool is still in his heart. So I said, you never know, maybe one day? He added then that, for now, he is enjoying being at ADO, it is special for him here and is more than happy with how he and the club are progressing.


After the interview was finished, we stood and talked about football in general. Jordy comes across as a really nice, level-headed young man with no arrogance at all, which can't be said about many footballers at the top of their careers. As the players were warming up on the pitch before the Groningen game, I said a quick thanks for the talk, and he actually came over to say hello and shake hands. So from me, top marks to the man and I wish him a successful season next time around.

By Neal McClimon