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1 WII 17 12 2 3 38
2 RJC 17 9 5 3 32
3 EMM 17 9 5 3 32
4 ADO 17 8 6 3 30
5 GRA 17 9 3 5 30
6 NAC 17 8 4 5 28
7 CAM 17 8 4 5 28
8 DOR 17 6 9 2 27
9 GRO 17 7 4 6 25
10 HEL 17 7 3 7 24
11 JAZ 17 7 3 7 24
12 EIN 17 5 8 4 23
13 VVV 17 6 5 6 23
14 MVV 17 5 4 8 19
15 JUT 17 4 6 7 18
16 JAJ 17 4 5 8 17
17 JPS 17 5 2 10 17
18 TEL 17 4 2 11 14
19 DBO 17 3 2 12 11
20 TOP 17 2 2 13 8
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Datum plaatsing: 04-11-2008 13:55:00

Website Trencin: Interview with Andre Wetzel

Jimmy stuurde ons de Engelse vertaling van een interview van AS Trencin met André Wetzel dat op de website van AS Trencin staat.


André Wetzel, the head coach of the Dutch football club ADO Den Haag playing in the Eredivisie visited Trencín. He found a few minutes to answer the questions of


Mr. Wetzel, how did you meet Mr. Tscheu La Ling and what do you think about him as a player?

I met him during my football career. I am a little bit older than he is so I saw him coming to Den Haag and when he went to Ajax. He was a very good player and he also played in the national team. I think he was a very talented right winger, sometimes a bit lazy but very good player.


Do you think he was a better player than you were?

I am sure Tscheu was better. There is no discussion about that.


Does the football community in the Netherlands know about the football club AS Trenèín or about the ‘Tscheu La Ling’s football club’?


I think that Trencín is only famous in Den Haag, the rest of the Netherlands does not know much about the club. But because Tscheu is from den Haag and Csaba Horváth is playing there, people in Den Haag know about Trencín. Our clubs started to cooperate a couple of months ago.

How do you perceive this cooperation and how can it develop?

There are a lot of young and talented players from Slovakia and from other countries here. When the players develop their skills, I think they can move higher and Den Haag can be one of their destinations. I am keeping in touch with Mr. La Ling and when there are good players in Trenèín, they may come to the Netherlands like Csaba Horváth did.

Do you think any players could also go the opposite direction?

It would definitely be possible but also very difficult because the financial conditions in the Netherlands are much better than here. But when we see such opportunities I will be helpful. Let us focus on your team now. It seems that you are doing quite well.

How would you evaluate the season so far?


We have been doing surprisingly well so far. We have gained ten points in the last seven matches which is very good for a team that just came to the Eredivisie and is new to it. Our plan was to gain 30 points in this season and I think we are on the right track to meet this goal.


How did you choose Csaba Horváth?

Mr. La Ling gave me a tip. I asked him about Trencín and the players here and he said that some of them could be interesting for me. He invited me to Slovakia, but I did not have time to come then. I told him that I would come later and actually that is why I am here today. But I also told him to bring some good players to the Netherlands so I can see them immediately and that was how Csaba and Miloš Volešák came over. They trained with us for a couple of days and I learnt that Csaba was really good so I chose him.

What were his main strengths that convinced you he would be a good choice?

I noticed at the trainings that he was a very good defender, especially with good headers. He has a good character and he always wants to help the team. He was also reasonably fit and experienced because he was already 26 years old. That is why I took him. His performance here proved that he is still a very good defender, with good sliding and heading. He has already scored twice which is very good for a defender. Sometimes he lacks a little bit of speed and he must also improve his work with the ball because players in the Dutch league are generally better at this.


And your overall evaluation of Csaba Horváth in comparison to other defenders in the Dutch league?

I think he is an average defender for the Eredivisie and I am very satisfied with him. I think he created a balanced middle defense with Christian Kum who is very quick so these two complement each other very well.

So is his stable position in the center of the defense? In Trencín, when it was necessary to put pressure on the competitor, he sometimes played in the offense as well.

Yes, it might be a good idea to try it sometimes because he is a really good header.

Why did you not choose Miloš Volešák?

First of all, he is a very good goalkeeper. But he was not better than the ones that we already had and we were looking for a better goalkeeper. The most important thing was that he did not speak the language at all and seemed to be a little bit shy. We were looking for some more communicative personality for this key position.

Are you currently observing any other Slovak players?

We are constantly observing potential new players in many countries. We just need to have enough time for it. That is why I am here. There are one or two players, who have potential, but they need to work a lot because they are very young. At this point, I do not think there is someone who would be ready for the Dutch league. I am sure there will be someone in the future though.

You saw the game of AS against Podbrezová. How did you like it?


AS lost this game and I think it was ok, because the opponent’s players were better with the ball and also fought harder. I think AS players must be a little more relaxed when they have the ball because they lose it quickly. I think they were a kind of restless.


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